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Jonathan Nelson in his office sweater. Photo: Olin Nelson.

Jonathan Nelson in his favorite office sweater. Photo: Olin Nelson.

Born and raised in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, Jonathan (Diné), or Johnny, as he prefers, began his art experience with coloring books like many children. His drawing has evolved into a career as a creative professional.

When he’s not painting or drawing, he is designing print material and websites as a graphic artist.

In his youth, he began collecting comic books and started tracing famous comic book characters, like Spiderman and the X-Men. Elementary tracing evolved into freehand drawings with No. 2 school pencils. Nowadays, he works in ballpoint pen, which is how his current work is finished. Enter the world of Jonesy the sheep.

His work is inspired from identity and life on the Navajo reservation. The Wool of Jonesy begins when he wakes one warm spring morning to shave himself and tries to sell his brown wool at a local trading post. The humorous narrative brings to light the sustaining life of indigenous culture and its on-going struggle in a Eurocentric driven society.

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